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As of Monday 26th October 2020 we will be re-opening, having delayed reopening past the date we legally could to go touch free in our changing room with a new shower, tap and change toilet flush. Our additional Coronavirus rules are in addition to our standard (unchanged) rules and are below;
  • Any person who has any Covid-19 symptoms, been advised to self-isolate or has someone within their household with the same are not allowed to use the facilities, our usual 48-hour notice period will not be enforced.
  • Bookings for the pool can only be use by swimming groups in line with “the rule of six”, local coronavirus rules and subsequent government guidelines
  • Please wipe down any surfaces that you touch with the wipes provided before you leave and use alcohol gel in entrance and soap in changing room as appropriate
  • Please do not arrive until your time, be vigilant with your time keeping and leave a bit earlier than normal to avoid contact with others.
  • Please disinfect any surface you touch outside of the water in the pool area including changing table / cot with wipes provided.
  • We advise adhering to guidelines requesting guests arrive ready to swim and where possible to travel home to change/shower. However, we have made our changing room and shower as safe as possible with all touch free appliances.
  • As part of our risk assessment we are required to monitor adherence to these conditions. Anyone found not to be complying with these conditions may have further sessions cancelled.
  • These temporary conditions are in addition to our standard terms of conditions of hire.